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Today’s professional investors have recalibrated. They are looking at risk-reward in a more traditional sense… they are looking for balance, more cash flow and solid upside potential. And now they are finding those qualities in niche opportunities – an arena in which we have specialized for more than seventeen years.”

– Derek Eakin, Chief Investment Officer



A sharp focus on niche sectors where risk-reward meets best-in-class assets and operators. More than 17-years of delivering results in value-add assets.


A robust pipeline of opportunities; a direct line to the people who make them happen. A global project-source network complemented by first-hand relationships with sponsors (in some cases RiverOak) and private equity partners who develop, redevelop and reposition assets based on niche sector know-how and expertise.


A bias for action; an ability to move quickly. Tempered by experience, fueled by in-depth research and seasoned with investment judgment.


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RiverOak Investment Corp., LLC
One Atlantic Street, Suite 703
Stamford, CT  06901

203-325-8009 : Phone
203-325-8588 : Fax

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