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Alternative Assets

RiverOak specializes in niche, non-correlated assets where our experience and in-depth asset management expertise can have a significant effect on overall asset performance. We mine our extensive network in the United States to find off-market or under-marketed opportunities. We are especially interested in value-add and turn around transactions where we can apply “outside-the-box” thinking to solve the asset’s underlying problems.

With this philosophy as a back-drop, we explore the country for new opportunities.

  • Real Estate – Real estate has been a mainstay of RiverOak’s alternative asset strategy since its inception. Drawing on the principal’s experience in value-add and opportunistic assets, RiverOak has formed, invested and managed five funds specializing in off-market and under-marketed real estate assets. Most of these assets have been in the very fertile Boston-to-Washington corridor where the barriers to entry are high and the competition is fierce. This is where our extensive network has played a significant role in identifying opportunities where others have seen only problems.

  • Our operating portfolio includes hotels and entertainment venues in niche, growing markets in major cities on the East Coast of the United States. In each of these cases, RiverOak has partnered with experienced operators who have extensive and successful track records.

  • Health Care – Healthcare and healthcare-related assets have been a part of our business since 2010. The aging of the U.S. population has created great stress on the healthcare infrastructure and has provided opportunities for investors to take advantage of this growing market. RiverOak, in partnership with a Persian Gulf multifamily office, has invested in a portfolio of healthcare assets including medical research facilities, hospitals, medical offices, training facilities and other healthcare-related operations.

Top Photo: CEO Steve DeNardo with Vice President, Derek Eakin. Courtesy Richard Freeda Photography.




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