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When we execute on an investment philosophy that remains true to our core values -- transparency in communication, commitment to integrity, alignment of interests -- then we will accomplish more value for our investors, our partners and ourselves.

Steve DeNardo, CEO & Founding Partner

About Us

RiverOak pursues opportunistic and value-add asset purchases and operational opportunities on behalf of a diversified set of investors ranging from institutions to individuals.

Our clients view the world of investment as one that is constantly evolving not as an indiscriminate whole, but in discrete, specialized sectors where highly experienced developers and sponsors are creating and enhancing value in such areas as healthcare, student housing, office, urban gilt-edged retail projects, and a host of hard asset management turn-around situations.

For over 17 years we have built both our investment business and our reputation on being able to find, research, winnow-out and invest in the types of assets that typically achieve above-average returns on a risk-adjusted basis. While our real estate investment funds are targeted in the $5 million range, our operating asset investments can range anywhere in size from $1 to $50mm.


Investment Focus

RiverOak focuses on rigorously vetted niche opportunities throughout the U.S. We work with clients who have a traditional real risk mindset in which real investment risk and reward are more commensurate with each other.

Our fee structures vary with changing market conditions. In that respect, we are nimble and flexible in working with clients to deliver optimum performance in a mutually beneficial manner.

Together, the investment committee members have almost 150 years of combined experience in all phases of investment sourcing, acquisition, management and financing.



Executive Management

Stephen DeNardo
Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner

Derek Eakin
Chief Investment Officer

Peter Hearst
Founding Partner

Mark Kelly
Vice President and Controller

Caleb Ratinetz


In Memoriam
Walter B. Wriston



Corporate Contact Information

RiverOak Investment Corp., LLC
One Atlantic Street, Suite 703
Stamford, CT  06901

203-325-8009 : Phone
203-325-8588 : Fax

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